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The Jules Verne Trophy
Round the World Record Attempts

Current Attempts:

Jacques Vappillon / DPPI / Cap Gemini Schneider Electric

Grands Records - Olivier De Kersauson Talks About The Kerguelen Islands
19 March 19:30

Geronimo and her crew passed the Kerguelen Islands at the beginning of Day 23 of their Jules Verne Trophy attempt. They are now rushing headlong through the Howling Fifties toward Cape Leeuwin, with excellent daily averages, an incredibly buoyant atmosphere on board and wonderful light. Olivier de Kersauson was in excellent spirits when he told us over a radio link earlier today (Friday 19 March) about the fishermen who worked the waters around this island group back in the 19th century.

Q. What do the Kerguelen Islands mean to you? I know you have a friend down there who gives you precise weather information. Has that been important?
Olivier de Kersauson: Yes, very. Being able to talk with people who live down here gives you a much more accurate idea of what the weather situation really is. When I speak to the weather station by phone, I can find out exactly what’s happening at that moment. Alain Lamalle, the man in charge of the station, has been there for 30 years. I know him well through the Institut Polaire in Brest. We meet whenever he comes to Brest, and whenever I’m passing by I call him and spend a bit of time discussing what the weather is like around the islands. ... [more]



DPPI / Christophe Baudry

Fossett Challenges - 1050 nm Ahead Of RTW Record Pace

Friday 19 March 2004 - 1710 GMT - 309 nm NE of Port Stanley, Falkland Islands: Skipper Steve Fossett and Cheyenne continued their NE progress during Friday, covering 205 miles over the past 12 hours (averaging 17 kts), driven by winds from N/NW of 17-20 kts. Cheyenne's advantage over the 2002 RTW record path of Orange is now estimated at approx 1050 miles

It was also a day of more running repairs. Thursday night the old mainsail mast track pieces were removed. Next step on Friday was to head to the top to drill out the broken screws. Hopefully all the mast work will be completed today so Cheyenne's crew can hoist the full mainsail starting tonight, when every bit of available sail area may be needed to negotiate the upcoming High pressure ridge. ... [more]

There are currently 3 round the world records. Club Med set the standard in "The Race" last year at 62 days 7 hours, but only travelled 23,800 miles to do it by staying close to the south pole for most of the circumnavigation. Grant Dalton and crew averaged 16 knots aboard Club Med breaking the 1997 record of Olivier de Kersauson aboard the 89 foot Sport Elec by 1.5 knot average and 9 days. The Powers that be still consider Sport Elec's record as valid since it was a 1,000 nmi longer course than Club Med's.

The 3rd record is held for monohulls by Micheal Desjoyeaux in his last Vendee Globe run against Ellen MacArtur where he set a new unimaran standard with his 93 day run.

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Other Maxi Cats
(Over 100') in the World are:
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(Current 24 hours speed record holder - 687.17 nm) Skipper - Steve Fossett

Skipper - Grant Dalton

(110' Catamaran - Current Jules Verne Holder-64 days, 08 hours, 37 minutes et 24 seconds) Skipper - Bruno Peyron

(110' Catamaran) Skipper - Cam Lewis

(110' Trimaran) Skipper - Olivier de Kersauson

(Former record breaker, Club Med)


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